Shasta is a gorgeous REW and has a heart as big as his exquisite Ruby eyes. He is fun to snuggle and cuddle and does well with lots of room to run and bink. ##201046##
Nutmeg is a gorgeous young doe that was surrendered to the Monterey SPCA because she was "destructive". Anything will be destructive if bored. Nutmeg does love to chew, but she has only chewed on her toys since she has been with SBRR. She enjoys her time outside to play and bink and will make anyone a adorable friend. ##202157##
Rascal was just a baby when he came to SBRR. His mother and siblings were rescued from a breeder who was using making 'raw' dog food. When the breeder lost his client, he neglected his rabbits and a concerned neighbor called us in. ##135345##
Austin was born underneath a shed in a backyard and the owners of the rabbits didn't even know about him until the day he popped out for a little bit of sunshine. He is an cute lop cross but he didn't lop. He is a good sturdy boy and a fuzzy cuddler. He does take time to warm up to you but once he does he will give you hugs and kisses all day long. ##189698##
Loki was quite the character when he was a young kit. So much that he was named Lorelei until it was determined thatshe was not a she. He is a stunning black buck.. He was born in a shelter and within 24 hours was at SBRR. When weaned from his mother Sheba, he was sent to a foster home where he got her house breaking skills and his socialization. He is back as SBRR as he is bonded with Dusty. I...
Dusty was born at SBRR after we rescued her mother from a meat farm. She was being bred for "raw" dog food. All she needs is someone who will love her and Loki forever. She has been adopted once with Loki and returned because the girl that they adopted them did not take care of them. Better to be back at SBRR but they would be much happier with humans of their very own. ##133321##
Bunny Boo was born next to a preschool in the fields of Gilroy. Her mother had thought she found a safe place but sometimes small children are not the kindest. SBRR rescued her mother Sheba and her three other brothers and sisters. Bunny Boo has been in foster to learn litterbox skills and manners. She is very curious and fun loving and does not like to be left alone in a back room. She wants t...
Rocky and Lucy are a loveable hugable pair and cannot be separated. Had their human not be forced to move they would still be with her. He was very well loved and is looking for that in his new home. ##210579##
Several rabbits and other species of animals were allowed to run wild without proper food, shelter or medical attention on an unattended piece of property in Richmond. Peter Rabbit was 1 of the rabbits that SBRR managed to rescue from the horrible ...
Lucky is just that. He was rescued by a great samaritan that found him on Craigslist for free. He lived in deplorable conditions and had a severe eye infection. They were not going to treat it. SBRR did. It is a congenital defect and he had the bad eye as long as he lived. He was in pain and lived like that. He is being treated for the infection and will have what is left of theey removed and c...
Gazelle was the ninth rabbit captured from a dumping ground at Coyote Creek Road and Blossom Hill Road. She had made herself home in the front yards of a few neighbors and had a good hiding spot under a house. But SBRR is good at rabbit wrangling and in the dead of night we were able to hand capture her and bring her safely to SBRR. We have had her since December to get her used to being handle...
Clementine was living as a wild rabbit in the back yard in San Jose. With the weather getting bad and burrows being dug, she was captured and brought to SBRR. It is a very nice thing that she was. Shortly after arriving, she gave birth to six kits. Being a first time mother and young, Clementine didn't know how to care for her kits and four were lost. The two surviving kits were put with anothe...
Buddy is a big exquisite buck that was rescued in Sacramento from a meat farm. Buddy weighed only eight pounds when brought to SBRR when he should be a twelve -14lb rabbit. He is a gentle giant and is putting weight on nicely. When he is out in the play yard he comes to the gate when he sees you. He is a lovable big bun and will be a good big loveable pet for someone. ##215896##
Gilly was found on Watsonville Road as a stray and was captured along with her brother Rayder by a nice samaritan. SBRR was contacted and we couldn't say no to these two cuties. Gilly was adopted when she was young and lived with her new family for 6 mnths. We never expected to see her returned to SBRR. Gilly was given the run of the house at an early age and basically became a feral indoors. S...
Figaro is a fiesty young juvenille buck. We almost changed his name to Rocky as he would take on any buck in the yard, no matter the size! He has a piece of his right upper lip missing from a fight he got in with his own brother Jinx. He is a digging fool and loves to run and bink in the sun. He is going to be about 5 1/2lbs when fully grown and really is a wonderful boy. He will give you hugs ...
Snowdrop was saved along with his father Buddy from a meat farm in Sacramento. He should weigh in about ten pounds but he came to SBRR at just under six pounds. He is putting on great weight and is a precious buck. He is still a bit shy but is learning that everyday there will be kind hands, great food and fresh water for him. ##215898##
Poindexter was a feral domestic rabbit living in the backyard of a family. He was never handled and was caught in a box trap and brought to SBRR when the weather started getting bad. He has fathered the kits of Clementine and if Gretchen is pregnant will have fathered those too. He is a great buck but a little bit on the shy side. With the socialization he is getting at SBRR, we believe he will...
Precious Tart is a exquisite blue lionhead doe that was purchased as a breeding doe. Their intentions and their actions were not the same. They did not know what to do so luckily she was never bred. She did live next to her intended hunbun but never actually was able to groom him. She was never groomed or even had her nails trimmed. She is going to be a lovely bun once she get used to being han...
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